Talk of the Town: Now all I want for Christmas is a man

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WITH just 53 shopping days left until Christmas most people will be busy sorting out presents.

For single women in the Capital however, it seems there may be a more pressing concern – finding a man to share the festive season with. Now local ladies are being urged to take part in a workshop to help them find their ideal man in time for Christmas. Beswitchedon workshops offer ladies practical help, advice and a fun approach to finding their ideal partner.

The courses were launched in 2004 by business executive Karen Barr, who says: “We discuss the awaken love process and the seven steps which help clients focus on what they are looking for in a relationship and who they need to be to get it.”

The next course it at The Bonham on December 3.

Subo watches pennies

AS a singing sensation worth an estimated £11 million, you’d think SuBo would splash out on the odd Armani dress or Hermes scarf.

However, the West Lothian star has insisted M&S is as posh as she’ll go. Exasperated agent Andy Stephens said he even has to persuade her to buy a jar of peanuts. “I wish she would indulge herself a bit more and enjoy it,” he said.

Change the channel

IT’S largely unused and costs about £35,000 a year to run – but Festival Square’s big screen could become an unlikely hit with diners. Councillors this week voted on plans to allow the Sheraton Grand Hotel to build an outside terrace due to demand for al-fresco dining. Committee member Cammy Day told amused colleagues: “At least this would be one way to finally put that big screen to use.”

Talk of the Town wonders if wealthy guests might have expected more from Edinburgh than BBC News 24 on a loop.

Heating’s a hot topic

AS the long chilly nights of winter close it’s no surprise that homes across the Capital have started to turn up the heat.

But it seems the joys of central heating are not leading to love in a cold climate – with a new survey suggesting 76 per cent of Edinburgh coupes argue at least once a day about the heating.

The study suggested local ladies were partial to raising the temperature, while local men complained the house was too warm. Other arguments included turning up the heat then sitting around in a T-shirt, leaving the heating on all night and, amazingly, how much the heating bill would be.

Maybe they should try switching the heating off and snuggling up under a duvet instead.