Talk of the Town: One leg each for family of eight

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THE back of the fridge is an area which is infamous for harbouring shocking discoveries.

Where there might have been mouldy veg or perhaps an out-of-date banger, one Fife couple got the shock of their lives when they instead discovered a rather exotic wolf spider nestling comfortably in their chiller.

The spider is now warming up and making itself comfortable at Edinburgh Butterfly and Insect World, having most likely hitched a ride to the Kingdom in a box of grapes.

Of course, the discovery led to a few choice comments about the Scottish diet, with Irvine Welsh pointing out: “Those neebors over in Fife will deep fry anything and serve it with McCains oven chips”.

Sign up for a big shout

A THEATRE group bringing a play to the Fringe this year has hit upon a fundraiser that is something to shout about.

The team behind Cartwheels, which will be on at C Venues, is offering incentives to sponsor its trip to the Capital, including a promise that anyone who donates £2 or more will be sent a video of the entire cast screaming their name and “proclaiming to all the world that you are a wonderful human being” from the top of Arthur’s Seat.

Detective Rebus is

interrogation topic

THERE are many measures of literary fame, but for Rebus author Ian Rankin it will surely be a sign of how popular he has become that

his detective was an answer on daytime quiz show Pointless yesterday.

And, if that wasn’t fame enough, the detective is a chosen specialist subject on BBC’s Mastermind this Friday.

In memory of dog days

THEY were two of the best-known faces on the Southside – now a Facebook page commemorates Border Collies Tess and Flash. Owner Suzanne Fraser set up the page after being inundated with questions about where her dogs were.