Talk of the Town: Pandas bear the Jubilee strain

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ROYAL fans up and down the country were out enjoying street and garden parties over the long weekend.

And as this picture posted on Twitter by Edinburgh Zoo shows, even the pandas got involved.

Tian Tian paid her respects to her adopted head of state by taking up a lofty position as she enjoyed a bamboo shoot during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Either that or she was warming up for a busking slot on the Royal Mile during the Fringe playing the flute.

When there’s three in the bed – get a crash test pet

INTERESTING revelations about pet owners. A new study has revealed that 75 per cent of people in Edinburgh allow their furry friend into their bedroom at night, with most of them sleeping in the bed.

However, the research also shows cat cuddlers and dog duvet-sharers are losing out on a good night’s sleep, with more than half saying their pets take up too much space under the covers.

What’s the solution, we hear you cry. Well, it’s a unique mattress-testing tool, known as a crash test doggy or moggy.

IKEA is behind the life-size cat and dog models which help customers measure their new mattress to ensure there’s space for four extra legs at bedtime.

How to avoid an own goal

THERE’S just one day left until the toughest period for the football fan in gainful employment begins.

While no supporter’s life for the next month is complete without a detailed guide to the European Championships, this one from a firm of solicitors could prove the most essential.

It’s titled “Summer of Sport: Top Tips to Avoid Getting the Sack”, providing unsurprising answers to questions such as “What would happen if I just took off?”.

Solicitor Sadiq Vohra said: “Potentially, you can be sacked for coming into work worse for wear or using the work’s internet.”

So for that reason, we must thank his firm for providing their guide only available to download or, in other words, off the internet.