Talk of the Town: Pandas’ cute looks could be deceptive

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POLITICIANS beware if you decide to pay a visit to Tian Tian and Yang Guang.

Ex-French president Valery Giscard d’Estaing was grabbed by a panda at a Paris zoo while visiting

his daughter who worked there.

He said he had to be extracted from its claws.

Edinburgh Zoo’s Iain Valentine says that “although not aggressive by nature, pandas are very territorial”. And they know what a good black eye looks like.

Festival attraction is a real honey trap

THERE’S always a buzz about the Capital at this time of year – so the latest addition to the festival calendar should fit right in.

A Bee Awareness event is included in the programme for next weekend’s Meadows Festival. There will be honey tasting and bee-themed games – and the curious promise of a bee parade.

Organiser Darla Eno, 22, said: “More people are becoming interested in bees and we really want to celebrate these wonderful creatures.”

Men are flying high

FED up being cramped into economy on long-haul flights? Well, city-based flight search firm Skyscanner has the answer: be a well-dressed single guy in his 30s.

It found cabin crew are most likely to treat them – but women on hen parties can forget it.

Ride ’em cowboys

ALWAYS wanted to own a horse but a bit short on space, time and money? Luckily for you, Edinburgh’s very own Hilary Wardle, editor of review website TV Jam, has come up with just the thing – a state-of-the-art horse-grooming simulator.

Talk of the Town can attest that it is strangely hypnotic . . .