Talk of the town: Pizza proves hard to top for Hearts

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IT’S not often one of the English Premier League’s major sides ventures north to take on the Scots on home turf.

One Capital-based pizzeria is marking today’s Hearts-Liverpool Europa League tie in colourful and tasty fashion by making pizzas topped to look like the badges of the two teams.

The Hearts colours were created by staff at La Favorita using beetroot extract, mustard, yoghurt and natural food colouring. Liverpool’s were based on rocket, yoghurt, mustard and tomato.

But the preparation process was not quite as fun and harmless as it might seem.

“We put the Hearts pizza into the oven and it nearly exploded,” revealed James Clark, assistant manager at La Favorita at the Tron. “It was definitely edible in the end, though. Our chef, Marco, tasted it and said it was good.”

A bad omen for the Jambos?

Rory leaves a haunting impression on audience

AUDIENCE members at Geoff The Entertainer’s show at The Stand Comedy Club on Tuesday night felt like they’d seen a ghost.

Part of the performance involves a “ghost tour” around the venue, one highlight being the spot where Rory Bremner first realised his talent for mimicry.

Imagine the surprise when punters leaving the show saw the man himself coming down to the box office, with one remarking: “Is he going to get into trouble for being late?”

Eagle are the fly guys

THE paper trail can’t be missed on the Royal Mile right now, as flyers are dished out left, right and centre.

But, have you ever wondered where they all came from?

Well, look no further than Scottish courier company Eagle, which is responsible for delivering a staggering 1.5 million leaflets publicising 2500 shows.

Jerry Stewart, director at Eagle, says there is no shortage of challenges. “As well as the size of the job, we had to contend with the state of the roads in Edinburgh city centre with the never-ending tram and gas works,” he says.

Just for good measure, an interesting fact about 1.5 million flyers: If put end to end, they would circle the Capital twice.