Talk of the Town: “Please save my soft furnishing!”

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THEY are the firefighting heroes who are prepared to defy death every working day to ensure the city is safe.

Peril and danger are their watchwords . . . but sometimes the Capital’s fired-up fire crews find themselves in rather bizarre rescue situations.

And you can imagine the surge of adrenaline draining from their veins last Thursday night when the bell rang to signal an emergency.

Tollcross crews launched ladders and manned hoses to assist . . . an overheated wheat cushion in a plush office.

A curly tale from Oink

IF it’s “the best pork sandwich you will ever eat” you’re after, then we have good news – it’s served up in Edinburgh. Oink, in the Grassmarket, has been named by restaurant reviewers on website Yelp as the second-best “less expensive” eatery in the UK.

Dropping in at the zoo

SOME establishments would go out of their way to ensure none of their Easter holiday events were described as being a load of poo, but Edinburgh Zoo has no such fear.

From today until Thursday, Dung Days will offer the opportunity to learn all there is to know about dung. Activities include identifying which animal did what, which makes the most, and whether any animals make a meal out of it. It may put your kids off their Easter eggs.

Girl who waited has Hollywood debut

IT’S a long way from Telford College to Hollywood – but former Doctor Who star Karen Gillan is there.

And it seems like the sci-fi smash has stood her in good stead for the snappily-titled National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle. Tardis training is handy as she kidnaps an alien in the parody crime drama.