Talk of the Town: Poster boy Liam’s in good shape for Fringe

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YOU know it’s summer when Fringe posters start popping up around town.

And one featuring this year is this design by Lasswade High School pupil Liam Alexander, 13, after he won the Lothians section of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society Schools Poster Competition.

It will take pride of place at the Museum of Childhood along with those from other regional winners from around Scotland.

Fare play to you, sir

THE trams are the biggest bugbear of many a Capital road user – not least our taxi drivers, who always have plenty to say on the matter.

So hats off to the cabbie who provoked @danfrydman to tweet: “Edinburgh taxi driver gave me a discount because of tram works. Amazing!”

Myth representation

WHAT impression has been left on tourists flocking around Holyrood on Sunday?

With the Kiltwalk and Pedal on Parliament in full swing they must have returned to distant shores believing most Scots wear the kilt and that cycling is as popular here as it is in Beijing.

Scan we help hospital out? Eh, no we can’t

ZOOS across the country faced some scrutiny after a caller on BBC Radio 5 Live revealed that a fellow consultant sent a patient too heavy for their London hospital’s X-ray machine to be scanned in animal-sized machinery.

But was this an urban myth or an elephant in the room waiting to come to the fore?

Well, Edinburgh Zoo says it’s never been asked to use X-ray machines fit for the kings of the jungle to scan people, insisting it doesn’t even have a large MRI scanner.