Talk of the Town: Purple is the way to win her heart

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IN the week that Louis Vuitton scored our nation’s Capital out of their style bible, washing brand Ariel has announced some curious stats relating to Edinburgh folk’s attitude to fashion.

What do we look for in our other-half’s dress sense, they ask? It turns out 75 per cent of Edinburgh women would rather date a man wearing a black or purple shirt than any other colour and a third of Capital dwellers seek their partner’s opinion on their outfit ahead of anyone else’s.

Nearly a quarter of people have snubbed a suitor’s request for a date because they didn’t like their clothes, and 58 per cent only trust themselves to wash their favourite item of clothing.

But like Cupid from a cloud, TOTT brings the antidote to male singletons’ woes – according to Ariel research, that is: women are more likely accept a date from men wearing purple.

Are staff bracing themselves over charity support?

TOTT was buoyed to hear that investment firm Baillie Gifford had announced it would be lead supporter of the epic Caledonian Challenge until 2016.

The stamina-sapping feat, which sees entrants trekking across peaks and Scottish countryside for a full 24 hours, is a titanic pursuit and a major fundraiser for worthwhile charities.

Baillie Gifford partner Sarah Whitely was quoted as saying: “Teams from Baillie Gifford have played an active role in the Challenge as participants over many years,” but TOTT wonders if there may be muted cries from a sprinkling of Edinburgh staff worried the new sponsorship could leave them with a mountain to climb.

We expect: “You’re not going to make us walk 54 miles, are you?” – could be a common concern.

Bane of Irvine’s life

HE shares at least one attribute with Bane – the terrifying menace from the latest Batman smash hit – but we’re not saying which...

Literary giant Irvine Welsh showed off his new birthday present to his Twitter followers recently: the mask belonging to the caped crusader’s ultimate nemesis.

He tells us he now has his Hallowe’en outfit sorted. TOTT thinks he’ll be given a wide berth if he goes out guising in his adopted home of Chicago.