Talk of the Town: Rankin stops short at booze analogy

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After a successful year with the publication of his latest tome, The Impossible Dead, it’s good to hear that Ian Rankin is not resting on his laurels.

Ever-fond of a wee swally, he tells fans in his December newsletter that the process of finding his next tale is not unlike the tail end of a night on the booze.

“I really should be hard at work on my next book,” he writes. “Yes, autumn 2012 will see a new offering, if I can find the right story.

“I’m slowly feeling my way towards it, like a drunk man in a darkened bedroom trying to find the . . . No, best not pursue that analogy.”

Too many beers can lead to too many ‘Bs’

One Talk of the Town reader wondered whether a member of staff had been indulging a little too much in their own best-selling products at Porters Bar in Piershill before writing the sign advertising last weekend’s games on the pub’s giant TV screen.

The Hibbs v Rangers sign managed to misspell the name of the local heroes by adding an extra “B”.

Naturally, you would never find any mistakes of that kind anywhere in the pages of the Evenning News.

City’s full of fake-bake fans

SINCE Edinburgh is not renowned for its extreme heat and endless sunshine, it might not come as a surprise to hear it is among the UK’s Fake Tan hotspots.

According to internet search giant Google, Edinburgh was the city with the second-highest number of searches for fake tan – and was only beaten to the top spot by Glasgow.

The annual “zeitgeist” list showed that Edinburgh’s top searches were for Tesco, Facebook and YouTube, while it was fourth in the search for “weddings”.

And it seems the high number of quality restaurants in the Capital may also be having an effect on locals, with Edinburgh second in the UK – behind only Bristol – in the search for “recipes”.

Showgirls in demand

CONSIDERING work colleagues today largely communicate by e-mail and exchange gossip on Twitter, at least there’s still demand for the old-fashioned office Christmas party.

Best Parties Ever said demand was up 21 per cent for its bashes at Royal Highland Centre. Unsurprisingly, showgirl cabaret and aerial silk dancers were among the most popular entertainments with the (male) employees.