Talk of the Town: Rebus on telly is a turn-off for Rankin

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LOVE it or hate it, there’s no denying that Twitter has opened up the lives of celebrities like never before.

As readers of this column will be aware, our own Ian Rankin is a prolific tweeter, regularly sharing his thoughts on everything from where he drinks to his eclectic taste in music. And yesterday he admitted to followers that he had never watched the TV versions of his most famous works.

In reply to a fan asking what he made of the people who played his hero, Inspector Rebus, Rankin replied: “Never watched Rebus on TV so unable to comment on casting . . .”

He also revealed that the life of a writer can contain some odd coincidences. “On my birthday one year, the answer to a clue in The Times crossword was ‘rebus’. No idea if it was a coincidence . . .”

Milk and alcohol

THERE’S nothing quite like some milk washed down by a glass of free Californian wine, is there?

That’s what the Dominion Cinema is hoping, although fortunately the only milk on offer is Sean Penn’s biopic of gay rights campaigner Harvey Milk.

Four special Californian movie screenings are being held at the Dominion, starting next Wednesday with Milk.

Not only is entry free, there’s also free Californian wine – you just need to register your interest on Facebook via the California Classics page – where you also get the chance to win a holiday to LA.

Rather ominously, the April 4 screening will be Sideways, which is hopefully not how cinema-goers end up leaving the premises.

Stick with the sugar

HAPPINESS comes in many forms, and while most people would put winning the lottery at the top of their wish list, it seems for the ladies of Edinburgh, money isn’t everything.

A new survey from Splenda – the low-calorie sugar alternative (all will become clear) – has revealed that nearly a quarter of women in the Capital would be as happy fitting into old jeans as they would winning millions.

Another Splenda statistic, however, is a bit more troubling – its research suggested more city women would be happier slipping on those old jeans than spending a night of romance with their partner.

Alternatively, put sugar in your tea and buy bigger jeans.

Take it to the bridge

THE debate about the new name for the new Forth Crossing looks set to run and run. And it seems everyone is keen to get in on the act. Today’s top suggestion? The Bridge Over The River – why?