Talk of the Town: Regrets? Irvine’s not had a few . .

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AS the author of the sprawling heroin epic Trainspotting it’s fair to say that when it comes to drug advice, Irvine Welsh is not going to be top of the list for most people.

And while the author, in an interview with The Big Issue, has admitted taking drugs could make people horrible, he said he did not regret doing it.

“It’s tempting to say I’d advise myself not to take heroin,” he said. “You cause pain to a lot of people around you when you do something like that. You can be horrible and nasty.

“But I don’t think you should regret these things. Everything you’ve done makes you the person you are now.”

Given that the person he is now lives in Miami for most of the year, that is an understandable view.

Emotions kept in check

It was a spontaneous outpouring of emotion, though for some the “party” in George Square to mark the death of Baroness Thatcher was a little tasteless. And despite chatter about a similar event in the Meadows, the Capital – thankfully – kept a dignified silence.

What’s all the fuss about?

It’s official then – there’s just ten days to go until Edinburgh Zoo’s giant pandas will attempt to mate.

It must be a pressure time for the big animals, and Tian Tian’s hormone levels are certainly climbing as her 36-hour fertility window draws near.

For Yang Guang, however, there seems to be little concern, with the laid-back panda spotted yesterday taking it easy sitting by the pool in his enclosure and having a quiet chomp on some bamboo.

Wossy Braves night out in Capital

Television presenter Jonathan Ross is typically used to interviewing celebrities rather than being the centre of attention.

That all changed at Monday night’s launch party for Virgin’s Little Red service in Edinburgh, with “Wossy” snapped with some fans, including Wallace Bagpipes director Craig Munro, who worked on Disney Pixar’s Brave.