Talk of the Town: Rescuing stranded drivers is murder

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IT’S always a grisly business being stranded in the middle of nowhere hoping for a lift after your car’s broken down.

And that was undoubtedly so for the driver who came to the rescue of Capital crime writers Tony Black and Allan Guthrie when they suffered a flat tyre in Ayrshire’s Carrick Hills.

Safely settled in the back of a friendly motorist’s car, the authors resumed their conversation where they left off – a detailed analysis of Tony’s new serial killer novel, Murder Mile.

He told Talk of the Town: “It was only when we noticed the snatched glances in the mirror that we realised I’d been detailing the serial killer’s modus operandi.”

Who’s the class Twitter to come up with that idea?

EMOTIONS are running high over plans to build a school in Portobello Park.

And the emergence of a Twitter account, purporting to belong to the “unofficial Porty Park action group”, is sure to ruffle feathers.

The account is surely a spoof, with one tweet suggesting the school should be built on a floating prison just off Portobello beach.

Well, it would be a step up from the crumbling towerblock the pupils attend just now.

Sweet respite from meanies

UPMARKET German baker Falko Konditormeister yesterday made a clever attempt to drum up some extra holiday trade.

In a well-timed Twitter call to hungry Capital residents, owner Falko Burkert gently reminded them Easter Monday was one of only three days in the year when Edinburgh’s ruthless parking attendants enjoy a day off – the perfect excuse, in other words, for a spot of sugary indulgence at his award-winning premises.

It remains to be seen whether the meanies will be loitering with intent around the shop today as cake enthusiasts head back for a second helping.

SuBo gets left behind

OUR old favourite SuBo has scored another top ten success – but this time it’s amongst the top ten CDs most likely to be left behind in a Scottish rental car.

Rental provider Sixt released a list of the albums that have been left behind in its vehicles in Scotland over the past 12 months.

Canadian crooner Michael Bublé’s album Home tops the list, while SuBo’s debut album, I Dreamed a Dream, claims sixth place.

Whether these are true cases of CDs being “left behind” or instances of “left behind on purpose for fear of ever being subjected to again” is debatable.