Talk of the Town: Rezillos aren’t all washed out yet

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WITH their irreverant glam rock look, they became punk legends after forming in the Capital in the mid-70s.

But while the line up has changed, The Rezillos name still carries enough weight to make them a star attraction Stateside.

Plans for their first US tour since 2001, however, looked set to be washed out after New Jersey and New York was struck by super storm Sandy.

Refusing, however, to let a bit of rain ruin the party, top-level transatlantic talks reached a successful conclusion, with the band set to fly out tomorrow.

This tool’s no fool

IT’S billed as a boot camp for layabout lads who leave their partners less as impressed.

But after putting her boyfriend up for E4 reality show Tool Academy, Edinburgh 20-year-old Denize Okan faced a worrying weekend.

The law student stayed at home while partner Brett Hughson flew off to Spain for what he thought was a show called The Man Games, which encouraged him to partake in 48 hours of debuchary before being surprised by Denize.

She said: “The weekend that Brett flew out, I was left in the flat on my own and I was actually pacing in circles.

“My mum was saying ‘You have to calm down’, but I was so scared.”

Happily, Brett graduated from Tool Academy and TOTT is pleased to report the pair are “planning for the future”.

The silent treatment

BLAIR McDougall, the Labour-supporting co-ordinator for the anti-independence Better Together campaign, has decided it’s still better not to get too close when it comes to allies who are also opponents.

Asked at the Scottish Lib Dem conference last weekend what he thought of the party’s plans for a federal Scotland if independence is rejected, he said: “I’m not going to be too effusive because I’ll be campaigning for Labour at the next election and I don’t want to be quoted on some leaflet.”

Snack attack

IF you’re hiding sandwiches under the stairs or cakes in the car, then TV stardom could be coming your way.

Channel 4 show Secret Eaters is searching the Capital for hungry hoarders who keep their pockets stocked for a nibble out of the spotlight.

Producers are looking for individuals or families who want help learning how to lose weight.

To nominate yourself, email: