Talk of the Town: Ricky p-p-picks up on penguin rumour

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NO matter how much they might protest otherwise, local politicians must crave their moment the national spotlight.

The dream came true for one councillor at the weekend when he made a shock appearance on BBC One.

Pentland Hills representative Ricky Henderson’s smiling face was pictured on Have I Got News For You as he stood in an embrace with his defeated, but now more famous and illustrious opponent, Professor Pongoo, who made international headlines by gaining more votes than the Lib Dem candidate at the council elections.

But Cllr Henderson was quick to deny claims that he was becoming too close to his one-time foe.

He tweeted: “Me and the penguin are just good friends. We lead our own, separate lives. Honest.”

Rankin file praises city’s tartan-clad Samaritan

GOOD deeds are a reward in themselves, but that doesn’t mean it’s not nice to have your thoughtfulness recognised.

One Good Samaritan found himself praised by a city celebrity after coming to the aid of a carer while author Ian Rankin looked on.

So impressed was he with the deed, he took to Twitter to thank the mystery helper, telling his 32,000 followers: “To the guy in the tartan shirt who stopped in St Andrew Square to help the carer with the wheelchair: sir, you rock...”

Everest bid nipped in bud

FORMER army officer Henry Chaplin, from Barnton, and five injured soldiers who were attempting to climb Everest have had to abandon their attempt, due to unseasonably warm weather which resulted in a large avalanche.

But after a gruelling ten-day trek through the Nepalese mountains, the Walking With the Wounded expedition team celebrated last night at Everest Base Camp by taking part in a live broadcast from more than 5364 metres above sea level – not to mention sampling a few drams in what the team described as the world’s highest whisky tasting.

She’s Queen and tidy

SHE has ruled over the UK for 60 years, but it seems the role of the Queen hasn’t quite filtered through to the younger generation.

A survey of children by Haribo revealed that 40 per cent of Lothian youngsters believed the Queen walks her own dogs, while 20 per cent believed she was responsible for cleaning her own bedroom.

The nine to 11-year-olds are clearly fond of the monarch, though, saying she should be given a diamond ring for her jubilee and should have a lie in for the day, before celebrating with a huge party.