Talk of the Town: Ricky’s weighting for big poll day

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CITY councillors across Edinburgh are already firmly focused on the May 3 council elections.

One is taking preparations a step further than the usual canvassing for votes.

Ricky Henderson, Labour councillor for the Pentland Hills ward, wants to lose two stones before the day and plans to record his progress on his blog.

Cllr Henderson said: “As new year’s resolutions go this isn’t particularly revolutionary, but I’m determined to lose a few pounds, well, 28 if possible, before the elections.

“I weighed 13st 3lb this morning, which would be fine if I was 6ft 5in, but I’m not.

“As added motivation, I’ll post regular updates on the blog and see if this helps to keep me on the straight and narrow.”

Tian Tian’s namesake steals the limelight

IT might only have taken delivery of the first one a month ago, but Edinburgh Zoo was today set to welcome another Tian Tian.

This time, though, it’s not a giant panda, but a little girl – seven-year old Tian Tian Brunton from Peebles, who was so excited when she heard a panda who shared her name was coming to Scotland that she wrote to the panda to tell her all the things they have in common.

The youngster, of Chinese and Scottish descent, even offered to speak Chinese to Tian Tian the panda if she ever got lonely. So touched was the zoo a special visit was organised and the youngster joined Culture and External Affairs Secretary Fiona Hyslop for a look at the superstars.

In front by a nose

IT is unlikely to be regarded as the most pressing issue on the minds of city residents. However, the option to report the ‘Seafield stench’ has been installed as the first choice callers are given when phoning the city council switchboard.

“If you’re calling to report a smell from Seafield, please press one now,” it states, before going on to list other emergency options. With overruns on the tram project and the ongoing statutory repairs scandal, it is heartening to know the administration hasn’t forgotten the long-suffering residents of Seafield.

Collie wobbles and falls in

A COLLIE took an unplanned loony-dook at 6pm on New Year’s Day when he slipped on the dockside and fell 2.5 metres into the Water of Leith at Victoria Quay.

Firefighters rescued Sam using an inflatable sled after he managed to climb onto a wooden bollard in the water.