Talk of the Town: Rolling out welcome mat

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IT seems the centuries-old feud between Scotland’s two great cities may be thawing – slightly.

While the rivalry sparked by Edinburgh bakers suggesting they could produce better bread than those in the west has simmered ever since, Griffin Bar in Glasgow’s city centre is now doing its bit to bring the two cities back together.

It has very generously posted a sign outside the bar saying “People from Edinburgh welcome (ish)”.

Feline like a real quick-fire review

IT’S the hottest show in town, and there will be plenty of people eager to snap up tickets for Cats at the Playhouse.

Of course, not everyone will be able to see the stage show, but fear not – Talk of the Town has found a concise review on the What’s On Stage website which beautifully captures the spirit of the show.

It reads: “Anyway, a fat cat gets kidnapped by a bad cat and everyone is sad for a moment. And then the fat cat gets brought back by a magic cat who does the splits in the air. Then the Elaine Paige cat in the fur coat gets picked to be reborn and goes up on a platform after singing that song that Streisand does really well. And then they all sing a song about how we should all treat our cats with dignity and respect and, perhaps, buy them a cheeky little can of Whiskas once in a while.”

It won’t be there furlong

THE horsemeat scandal is one Tesco will surely want to forget, so the store in Musselburgh should perhaps check out its public advert board, where a local “comic” called “obama” has posted a request for “four horse behinds – prime meat”.

We’re l-oven this doughnut rivalry . .

THE Krispy Kreme madness which has seen traffic backed up at Hermiston Gait has been all over the news recently, but it seems city doughnut vendors aren’t taking this lying down. In what can only be seen as an attempt to grab back the limelight, Greggs very kindly provided Talk of the Town with a selection of its finest iced treats and sausage rolls. It seems we’re set for a bunfight.