Talk of The Town: Snow way to dress for a heatwave

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AS you may have noticed – we certainly did – yesterday was a scorcher.

So it was a little surprising, one reader tells us, to see a man making his way through Holyrood Park in Queen’s Drive on roller skis, complete with ski poles and outfit.

Perhaps he’s getting in some early practice for the snow which is unfortunately being predicted within weeks. Either that or he just wanted to stand out from the rest of the joggers and runners.

You have to draw the hairline somewhere..

DURING an NHS Lothian debate on the virtues of televising the bi-monthly board meetings, one member made a special request.

Cllr Paul Edie, the city’s health and social care leader, often makes light of his hair – or lack of it.

He quipped whether or not any future filming of the event could feature some airbrushing of hair onto his shining napper.

And chief executive James Barbour retorted: “There’s only so much technology can do, Paul.”

Trophy appeal

EVERYONE knows how frustrating it is to lose something in the back of a taxi.

But for Jonathan Davidson who contacted Talk of the Town, it’s not the inconvenience of replacing a mobile phone or cancelling bank cards he will have to deal with, but the blow of losing something irreplaceable.

The golfer left two trophies in an Edinburgh cab, which dropped him off at his home in Stow on Sunday, August 21, and despite getting in touch with every taxi firm in Edinburgh and the police, Jonathan’s attempts to find the trophies have been unsuccessful and he has almost given up hope.

The trophies only have a combined value of £100 but their sentimental value cannot be measured. He’s now hoping readers can help. Email

Finally brought to book

IT’S not quite had the impact of the WikiLeaks drama has it?

As previously noted in the Evening News, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s memoirs went on sale last week, published by Capital-based Canongate Books – in spite of his efforts to block its release.

The book we are told has sold only 644 copies in its first three days in the shops according to the latest figures and was only the 50th best-selling hardback non-fiction book of the week and the 537th best-selling book overall.