Talk of the Town: Sorry officer, I’m just doing my job

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REPORTERS at the News are well-acquainted with the police press team and often get calls from detectives investigating crimes across the city.

But there was a sharp intake of breath last week when a bobby phoned inquiring about the integrity of one of our team spotted quizzing residents on their reaction to a big political story of the day.

A concerned citizen had contacted police over a “strange Irishman” with a camera skulking near Holyrood Palace asking odd political questions.

The journalist, who has implored TOTT not to reveal his identity – though he has been pictured in today’s edition – is understood to have been considered a potential terrorist threat by the man who dutifully called police.

Thankfully, we can report the tentative inquiries were dropped shortly after we explained that vox pops were an almost daily chore for News hacks. But what was the topical “political” question which raised such suspicions?

Those mainstays of the revolution – free prescriptions and bus passes for the elderly.

It’s not just the city’s bins that are overflowing

PILING rubbish, uncleared backlogs, new recycling tubs . . . 
talk of bins – particularly the overflowing variety – has littered the Capital since the move to fortnightly collections.

Due to “teething problems” with the new schedule, the council has been inundated with calls and e-mails from residents none too happy about the rubbish pouring from the city’s refuse containers.

The situation is said to be improving, with many missed collections now being cleared.

But TOTT has heard from one peeved resident who, trying to register their dissatisfaction, was flabbergasted when an e-mail of complaint bounced back from the official council e-mail account.

Just like the bins, we are told the city’s inbox was filled to bursting.

Salmond’s not flagging

THE Union flag is much in evidence at the Conservative conference this week and was also fairly prominent at Labour’s last week, but it will be a different story when the SNP gathers in Perth at the end of the month.

Alex Salmond told a recent event in Edinburgh: “The Union flag came into existence when Scotland and England were independent countries under the same monarch.”

Therefore, it could continue to be used even after independence, but the First Minister made clear he meant it could continue to be used by England.

“We’ve got the Saltire,” he said.