Talk of the Town: Spokesman for a tasty cocktail

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AS well as getting caught up in an earthquake and inspecting the first shipments of his very own bike, Sir Chris Hoy has been soaking up the culture of Taiwan.

Along with wife Sara, he has sampled unusual local dishes and even found time for a bit of retail therapy at the oddly-named I’m a Woman store.

But, aside from the bike, it seems Edinburgh’s golden boy of cycling could be bringing back his very own tipple.

The Olympian spotted the “Kris In Love” cocktail on a local menu, and admitted the ingredients – “a delightful concoction of white wine stirred with 7-Up” – could become his “signature drink”, adding: “Doesn’t get any classier than white wine and 7up. With an umbrella.”

It’s a Mexican standoff

PACK away your sombrero – TOTT has dispelled rumours that Taco Bell is set to open its first Scottish outlet in Edinburgh. Thought to be circling in a bid to cash in on the success of Krispy Kreme, parent company Yum!Brands dismissed the notion.

Mushroom to manoeuvre

IT was the food scandal everyone hoped had been put out to pasture. The discovery of horsemeat in samples of frozen beef at city primary schools will certainly be a difficult hurdle for the council to get over.

But one city restaurant was quick out the gates to grab the reins of the scandal. The Bon Vivant pointed out to potential customers worried about horse in its food that it only served “horse mushrooms” in its horse and oyster mushroom tagliatelle.

Nina washes her mouth out

SHE comes across as a polite, mild-mannered sort – but it seems Nina Nesbitt has a dark side.

The former Balerno High pupil – tipped to shoot to the top of the charts – has been doing the radio station rounds.

She admitted: “I always worry when I’m live on radio that I’m suddenly going to develop Tourettes or something.”