Talk of the Town: Staff spy chance to bru something new

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BARTENDERS – or mixologists as they prefer to be known – at a city venue have decided to fizz things up a bit.

Nightclub Espionage has launched a new cocktail which is sure to go down well with native revellers.

The Scottish Mojito contains rum, lime juice, sugar, fresh mint and . . . Irn-Bru!

As if calling out to one of the city’s favourite sons, the drink is perfectly stirred – but not shaken.

It’s been described by the venue as the perfect fusion of Latino and Scottish culture.

Here at Talk of the Town, we can only fear what that might lead to on the dancefloor.

Fans try to get Sir Alan fired up about cup final

WITH the historic all-Edinburgh cup final approaching, Hearts fans could be forgiven for attempting to attract a little extra firepower to their ranks.

With last night’s episode of The Apprentice being based in the Capital, Lord Sugar held a live Twitter discussion while the show was being broadcast.

Viewers saw contestants attempt to sell pasta and meatballs to fans en route to Tynecastle.

Sensing an opportunity, one Jambo tweeted Lord Sugar to suggest: “You should invest and we’d be able to buy a striker.”

Fortunately for Hibs fans, the ex-Spurs owner declined the offer.

Crime does pay, sort of

STAYING on the box, we turn our attention to Channel 4’s Four Rooms, which sees contestants attempt to sell a belonging in similar fashion to the Antiques Roadshow.

Last night’s episode featured a wallet made from the skin of William Burke’s hand.

So, it seems, the murderer eventually did cash in.

Grilled on breakfast habits

IT’S the most important meal of the day, so its contents are worthy of due consideration.

But it seems Capital dwellers are shunning cereals and fry-ups for a simpler start to the day – by settling for tea and toast.

The revelation that nearly half of those in Edinburgh prefer a slice of toast comes from the impeccably objective source that is Warburtons – the bread maker.

With the reliability of its figures, released this week, now on somewhat of a shaky peg it seems unfair to point out another flaw in the findings, but we will anyway.

Warburtons says that along with our toast we in this great city like nothing better than tuning in to Terry Wogan – who was last heard on breakfast radio in 2009.