Talk of the Town: Steve flies the flag for this ‘Union’

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WHEN is the Union flag not a Union flag? Perhaps when SNP deputy council leader Steve Cardownie wears it for the Sky Ride through Edinburgh.

Lib Dem group leader Paul Edie posted a picture of Cllr Cardownie on Twitter and said he “appears to be wearing a Union Flag on his dayglo vest”.

But Cllr Cardownie was unapologetic. “It’s not actually a Union flag, it’s a representation of the Union flag in blue, fading away, hardly noticeable. It was the Sky Ride bib they gave out to everyone. I was there representing the council. I didn’t think twice about it.”

Murray clocks on

WE all knew the time would come when Andy Murray claimed his first Grand Slam title – and when it did, Andy Murray went for the time.

Great power as a sportsman comes with great responsibility – to your sponsors.

Seconds after joining the tennis elite early yesterday morning, Murray was suddenly scrambling around for the watch he’s paid to wear.

Panic spread over his face as he made a desperate plea to his mum and girlfriend, sitting in his players’ box, as to its whereabouts.

Fortunately the pricey timepiece was soon located in time for it to sparkle in the light as Murray held the US Open trophy aloft, proving what a reliable addition he’ll be to the throngs of advertisers already chasing his services.

Sharp practices

WE are often known as a genteel and refined city, but new research shows that we Capital dwellers lag behind when it comes to personal grooming. A study by Mira Showers and expert groomers Melogy shows that when it comes to shaving, city men are not razor sharp with our techniques.

A survey of 2000 men show that Edinburgh men were never properly taught how to shave by the male role models in their family, with 48 per cent admitting to teaching themselves. The result is that men are getting it completely wrong when it comes to their daily shaving routine, with only seven per cent of men shaving whilst in the shower.

One possible clue as to why the five o’clock shadow has been making a fashionable reappearance amongst George Street 20-somethings.