Talk of the Town: SuBo gets cameo in own life story

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SHE is reported to have attended a raunchy play in Edinburgh recently.

And it seems Susan Boyle’s visit to the Playhouse to watch Avenue Q has given her inspiration.

It has since been announced that she will be the guest star in a musical about herself.

Elaine C Smith will star as the West Lothian singer in the show titled I Dreamed A Dream.

Boyle said: “I am thrilled to be part of the musical and I am looking forward to stepping on stage.”

Latest tribute to Rankin is not to be sniffed at

IAN Rankin is already known as one of the world’s best-selling crime authors and now it seems he has also inspired a unique crimefighter.

Rankin’s best-known character, Inspector Rebus, would no doubt have been proud to hear that Scotland is now home to a real-life namesake who is helping to sniff-out crime and bring the guilty to justice.

Yes, police dog Rebus has become big news after the canine crimefighter caught a drug courier with a kilo of heroin worth almost £100,000 on the streets after following him into a taxi.

The sniffer dog was on duty at Aberdeen railway station carrying out “passive scanning” for drugs when he made the bust.

Whether the dog celebrated his find with a wee dram is unknown.

A heartfelt offer

AS Rangers lurch from crisis to crisis, word has reached Talk of the Town that an unusual rescue package may be in the offing.

Rumours abound that Hearts have suggested a friendly merger with the Glasgow club to ease all of their cash problems.

The name of the new team? The Heart of Midlothian Rangers Club. Or HMRC for short.

Feline a little insecure?

IN this cynical age of political smear attacks, rolling news and wall-to-wall advertising it is understandable that the principle of trust is slowly eroding.

But even Talk of the Town was a little bemused to discover that three per cent of Capital respondents to a recent poll said they only truly trusted their pet cat.

Strange enough that anyone would trust a cat in the first place, but thankfully 22 per cent of men were less paranoid, declaring that the number one people in their trust charts were their wives.

And who collected these startling facts on trust? None other than paint specialist Dulux, which released them as part of a competition to find the UK’s most trusted decorator.