Talk of the Town: SuBo’s the hostess with the mostest

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SHE’S been to China and back, and will star in a musical about her own life.

But West Lothian’s Susan Boyle recently proved she’s still just a hometown girl, throwing a house party for friends and locals in Blackburn to say thanks for their support during her stratospheric rise to fame.

While most similar events usually rely on some tunes from the stereo, SuBo, 50, went one better and took to the stage during proceedings to perform a few numbers.

The 2009 Britain’s Got Talent runner-up and global chart-topper said: “We had a great time and it was lovely to be with the people who have helped me along this incredible journey.”

Sign leaves eagle-eyed reader spluttering

AN eagle-eyed reader sent us in this picture of a sign at the Western General Hospital, clearly concerned at the idea that hard-pressed budgets meant serious asthma sufferers were now having huff and puff their way in to emergency appointments by bike.

Fortunately, NHS Lothian tells us that the sign in fact refers to the car parking spaces in front, which are reserved for patients visiting the nearby respiratory clinic – but we can see why it caused a double take.

Next up: pedicab ambulances?

Heaven-scent people

FOR anyone that wondered whether Edinburgh was a city full of beautiful people, it seems the answer is yes. Yes, it is.

The Capital has finished third in the top five “most attractive” cities in the UK behind Manchester and first-placed London.

However, while this may come as joyful news for the city’s single ladies and gents, Edinburgh didn’t even make the top five for the UK’s best pulling locations.

The bittersweet news emerges from a survey carried out by the favoured fragrance of would-be lotharios’ Lynx.

Whether its various scents are to blame for Edinburgh’s unlucky pulling stats is anyone’s guess.