Talk of the town: ‘Tainted trophy’ gives Hibs hope

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IT is a game that Hearts fan will remember forever – and Hibs fans just want to forget.

Last year’s Scottish Cup final between the two city rivals saw Hearts lift the trophy with a crushing 5-1 victory. Far from feeling defeated, however, Hibs fans have started dreaming of an unlikely comeback. The current financial situation of Hearts and the collapse of Vladimir Romanov’s Ukio Bankas, has a led to excitable Hibees claiming the SFA are set to overturn the cup final result and gift the trophy to the team from Leith.

It’s amazing what not winning the cup for more than 100 years will do to a support, but sadly, sporting experts have assured Talk of the Town that this will never happen.

That’s a bridge too far

AS Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh gets to host all sorts of thrilling star-studded international events – Live 8, the Festival and now, finally, the 8th International Cable Supported Bridge Operators Conference, coming to Scotland for the first time ever.

Talk of the Town can barely contain its excitement.

Look where you’re going

THE council’s survey on just how happy residents in Edinburgh were – very happy or extremely happy seemingly the options – has sparked heated debate.

Of course the council can’t get everything right, but one recurring problem it needs to tackle is dog poo. And it seems problems are getting pretty bad in Leith, with one local telling TOTT: “The dogs around Albert Street/Leith Walk have been turding up a storm - tweeting on the move risky just now!”

Oh weight, are you pregnant?

THE Scottish diet has never been great, and with our love of deep-fried anything joined by a 24/7 craving for sugary doughnuts, we’re only going to get bigger.

So a word of warning before you comment on the weight of a local lady – a survey by Diet Chef has found one in five women in the Capital has been shamed into dieting after they were mistaken for being pregnant.