Talk of the Town: The Hoff in a huff after kilt snub

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FANS of talking cars, slow-motion lifeguards and Europop will no doubt be lining up to see the David Hasselhoff show when it hits the Capital next month.

But it seems the Hoff himself is a little crestfallen, after it emerged he wouldn’t be able to wear the kilt he sported at the Glasgow auditions of Britain’s Got Talent.

The Baywatch and Knight Rider star said: “I thought they were going to give me the kilt after the show. But they asked for it back. I so loved that kilt. I got a lot of looks from the ladies in that. They all tried to see what the Hoff was wearing underneath.”

Talk of the Town has to wonder why he doesn’t just buy his own.

Wheelie bin flys high as the latest internet hit

THE Capital was brought to a crushing standstill yesterday by gale force winds.

But for all the problems the 102-mph winds caused, there was also a few more entertaining moments, including the sight of a rare creature on Leith Walk.

Some intrepid soul managed to video a flying wheelie bins on Leith Walk, and, much like the “giant trampoline rolling past a window” video from last year’s storms, it soon became something of an internet hit.

Blowing hot and cold

YESTERDAY certainly demonstrated that the Capital enjoys some very changeable weather – even if flying wheelie bins are far from a usual occurrence on Leith Walk.

And it seems one of the Capital’s top Edinburgh writers was ahead of the game when it came to the winter weather.

Ian Rankin unveiled an “update” to his popular city tour app created especially for winter, with the Rebus author providing listeners with a guide to places more suitable for visiting when the weather is a little colder.

Given their frequency this year, perhaps the next update will feature a guide to the best places to shelter from hurricane-force gales?

Congratulations Jordyn

FINALLY, congratulations to Jordyn Hutchison, who has made it to the finals of a UK-wide singing competition

The singer is the younger cousin of Gavin Blackie, winner of 2010’s prestigious Edinburgh’s Got Talent competition, and she is now proving that vocal talent runs in the family.

Jordyn has made it to the Grand Final of the Open Mic UK contest, being held in the London 02 arena, on January 21.