Talk of the Town: Toilet humour in action at Jamie’s

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IT’S the toilet manufacturer who became synonymous with lavatory habits and a four-letter profanity.

A replica Thomas Crapper toilet – named after the famous plumber who popularised the flushing loo – has been installed at Jamie Oliver’s new Assembly Rooms restaurant. Diners at Jamie’s Italian can now experience what it would be like to enjoy a toilet break in the late 19th century courtesy of the antique bog.

TOTT are yet to try out the cistern, but we hope the restaurant is flush with success.

And they call it puppy love

A WEST Lothian couple celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary have their dogs to thank for finding love. Peter Elms and his wife Tricia met at a dog training club ten years ago. After Peter made the first move, he and Tricia went on a date, eventually moving in together.

Peter has been taking part in dog agility shows for over 17 years, and Tricia for 14 years. The pair now have seven dogs – three Border Collies and four poodles.

As the couple celebrate their anniversary, Peter gushed as he recalled their first kiss.

“It was a pitch black night and everyone else from the agility class had gone home,” he said. “Tricia was in her car and I leaned through the open window and kissed her goodnight. If it wasn’t for the dogs, we may never have met.”

Sounds like puppy love to us.

Mind your language

THE Festival is almost upon us and that means tourists from home and abroad will be flocking to Edinburgh . . . or should that be Ed-in-burr-a?

According to the Premier Inn chain of hotels, the Capital ranks highly amongst names of places that out-of-towners have most trouble pronouncing. So staff at the Princes Street branch will be on hand to keep guests right over the next month.

Advice being handed out will read: “Tourists who visit this Unesco heritage site for either the dominating skyline including Edinburgh Castle or the infamous Edinburgh Festival are often confused by its Celtic name. Pronounced ‘Ed-in-burr-a’”

Crooks make a hash of it

OK, so it’s nothing to do with Edinburgh, but perhaps our boys in blue could take tips from the crack detection skills of Sussex Police.

Inspector Tony Wakefield showed his contempt for the intelligence levels of criminals on his beat when, tongue firmly in cheek, he tweeted: “Lost something? My officers recovered 190 cannabis plants from around Uckfield Hospital. Give me a call if you want them back.”