Talk of the Town: Towering burger to topple them all

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WHEN it comes to the humble hamburger, it’s fair to say tastes have moved on quite a bit from the days wheen a chargrilled wedge of meat was all you could expect.

Now there’s all sorts of gourmet burgers catering to every possible taste – and the Capital is about to compete with the best.

This towering feast of meat and cheese has gone on sale in Edinburgh. Malmaison on The Shore has created the burger, which will no doubt be tempting a few burger fans down to Leith to give it a try.

The Stack features a half pound of meat, masses of gruyère cheese and bacon and accompanied by a “Foie Gras Slider”.

The only question that remains is whether it will be enough to tempt Man vs Food supremo Adam Richman out of retirement and onto a plane to burger city.

He who laughs longest

They say the old ones are the best, but this could be a new record.

If you were handed a card yesterday bearing the name of “John Libbel”, congratulations! You are now part of a practical joke first played over a century ago. But who is John Libbel?

That was the question on everyone’s lips in Edinburgh in the 1870s when empty gift boxes bearing his compliments began arriving at the houses of the city’s movers and shakers, along with letters and cards bearing statements suggesting “moral depravity”.

Eventually, it was one of our colleagues at The Scotsman who smelled a rat, when two men claiming to be the executors of the Libbel fortune attempted to place an ad in the paper begging John to get in touch. The men, Robert Louis Stevenson and his cousin, who had invented Mr Libbel for their own amusement, were ejected from the building.

Toy story 2012

There might be 41 days left till Christmas, but local toy shops are getting ready for their busiest day of the year – a week on Monday.

Toy retailer Smyths has predicted that Furby frenzy will hit a peak, as anxious parents try to get all the must-have toys before they sell out.

Thanks to the internet the day is now known as “cyber Monday” – as shoppers who prefer to avoid punch-ups take to the internet.