Talk of the town: Toy pandas kept in check with tartan

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CHECK out the pandas – because they’ve been checked out.

Don’t fret, the beloved black and white bundles of joy haven’t brought the curtain down on their Capital stay early. In fact, the Chinese duo have just been afforded greater affection by their adopted homeland.

Edinburgh Zoo’s cuddly panda toys have been given a specially commissioned tartan-tastic new look.

And, by pure coincidence we’re sure, just in time for Christmas, too.

JK’s erotic scenes run out of steam in bad sex award

JK ROWLING’S first adult novel has been snubbed by a judging panel – for the Bad Sex in Fiction Award.

The Casual Vacancy was hotly tipped to make the shortlist because of its frequently cringeworthy sex scenes. But despite a flood of nominations from readers, Ms Rowling managed to escape.

Jonathan Beckman, senior editor at the Literary Review, said: “Despite a couple of queasy moments, the book’s sins were venial compared with the competition.”

Dugout of the ordinary

WE recently told how Capital writer Kenny Millar’s book, Football Manager Stole My Life, found that the popular computer game had left educations floundering and marriages on the rocks.

But if you had your doubts over the game’s influence, then this might make you think again.

A 21-year-old student has landed the job as manager at the reserve side of a Premier League team in his home country of Azerbaijan after sending in a CV detailing his computer triumphs.

It was even reported that Vugar Huseynzade beat off competition from French football legend Jean-Pierre Papin to land the role.

So if Rod and Vlad are firing and hiring again, gamers form an orderly queue.

Zzz-omeone like you

RECORD-BREAKING chart star Adele has been found to have provided the most effective soundtrack for nodding off.

A survey by hotel chain Travelodge showed Adele, who may be struggling with her own sleep patterns after giving birth last month, topped the charts when it comes to helping people relax.

Stevie Williams, from the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, said: “Results from various sleep studies undertaken with a variety of groups has indicated that listening to soft, relaxing music at bedtime leads to benefits to a night’s sleep.”

Sounds like Adele has them rolling in their sleep.