Talk of the Town: Trust Robbie for Potter pressures

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HE’S a larger-than-life actor who has been cast as a criminal Cracker, a running nun and a loutish drunk during his long and varied career.

Now Robbie Coltrane has revealed that he was picked to star as Hagrid in the Harry Potter series because the role was written with him specifically in mind.

The Evening News told last week how he turned down minor parts early in his acting career in favour of building chimneys on the Royal Mile.

Coltrane said: “There was a lot of pressure there because JK Rowling said I was the only person who she wanted to play Hagrid because she’d thought of me while writing the book.

“But the script was wonderful and what I loved about Hagrid was he was a good man. I’d played murderers, gangsters, and transvestites, but it’s the first time I’ve played a man that young people could totally trust. A bit of acting was required there.”

Whereas, his role in Nuns on Run came naturally . . .

Night riders ready for Capital adventure

IT’S been billed as “a rare chance to explore the nooks and crannies of the Scottish capital like never before”.

The 50-mile Night Ride, in aid of autism charities, is looking for cyclists to sign up for a moonlight adventure through Edinburgh’s streets via

TOTT for one will be fascinated to learn of their discoveries.

Pies and lows

THE world’s best Scotch pie has been revealed – and sadly the Capital’s bakers did not make mince meat of the opposition.

This column told last week how the Scotch Pie Club had attracted a record number of entries for its annual awards, with some 500 pies, pasties, sausage rolls, bridies and savouries in the competition.

But when the winner was announced in Dunfermline, it went to a kitchen maestro from Airdrie.

Our advice to city entrants – perhaps allow a well-known irreverent newspaper column to carry out a taste test before next year’s contest.

Resolution is no sweat

REMAINING faithful to your New Year’s resolution vowing to knock yourself into shape in 2013?

New figures reveal at least 30 per cent of those who joined a gym in the Capital at the year’s onset are expected to throw the towel in by March, with ten per cent not making a single visit before quitting.

So scoff that Mars bar with pride, folks.