Talk of the Town: Truth is out there at City Chambers

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It probably hasn’t happened to quite the degree it did during the debate on the future of the tram project this week, though.

After SNP group leader Steve Cardownie answered claims from Tory group leader Jeremy Balfour that the SNP’s change of position on the tram project was down to the influence of the Scottish Government on the group, Cllr Cardownie denied the claim, and added: “There are very sophisticated lie detector tests these days. I will sit a lie detector test and I will resign if I fail, as long as you resign if you fail.”

Danny boy’s jibe

STICKING with the trams, it seems Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has become the latest to join the joking over the fiasco.

When he addressed the CBI Scotland annual dinner, Mr Alexander referred to the recent shooting of World War Z in Glasgow, and quipped: “If you’re going to bring a city to a standstill it’s cheaper and easier to film a movie than build a tram system.”

Tuning in to the ukulele

AS Bob Dylan once intoned, the times they are a changin’.

The recorder, once the favoured instrument of school pupils everywhere, has been overtaken in popularity – by the ukulele.

Musicroom in Edinburgh has reported that sales of the ukulele have soared, while interest in recorders has slumped.

Rae Lamond from Musicroom’s Edinburgh store said: “A few primary schools in the area have already added the ukulele to their music syllabus as the recorder is now seen as being too girly.”

While the rise has been credited to bands such as Noah and the Whale and Mumford & Sons, Talk of the Town is confidently predicting a George Fornby revival just around the corner.

Bingo asks for more

IT seems that Two Fat Ladies have had their chips, and Legs Eleven are on their way out.

In a bid to move with the times, Mecca Bingo in Leith has announced a search to find the best modern-day bingo call.

To get people started they’ve suggested “David Beckham” for number seven, after the footballer’s favourite number, and “Jimmy Choos” for number two.

Anyone who thinks they can do better should visit the Mecca Bingo Facebook fan page and upload of video of the new call, with £1000 of shopping vouchers going to the overall winner. Eyes down.