Talk of the Town: Warning: puppets unsuitable for SuBo

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SHE may be an international mega-star, but Susan Boyle is still known for her church-going, clean-living lifestyle.

So it was perhaps a surprise to hear that the Britain’s Got Talent star was off to the theatre to see adult puppet show Avenue Q.

The hit Broadway musical, showing at the Playhouse, includes a puppet prostitute and songs such as The Internet is for Porn and I’m Not Wearing Any Underwear.

Of course, it could be that the West Lothian star wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, despite a warning by the Playhouse that the show wasn’t suitable for kids.

When asked why she’d chosen the show, SuBo replied: “I’m a huge Muppets fan so I’m really looking forward to it.”

Help! We’re prizes down for poshest bingo night

THERE’S nothing like a spot of bingo, although most events won’t be quite as posh as Action for Children’s Clickety Chicks fundraiser.

Billed as “Scotland’s poshest bingo event”, there’s already set to be a full house with tickets sold out for the do at Harvey Nichols Forth Floor Brasserie on February 29. But the charity is appealing for help from local businesses to make the flash-bash go with a swing. Fundraiser Clare Pieroni tells us: “We are looking for businesses in the area to donate prizes for games of bingo and treats for our goody bags.”

If you can help, contact Clare on 0141-550 9023 or

Carousel or room spin?

IT’S no secret that Rebus author Ian Rankin is a fan of the national tipple, although his fans might be a little worried that he has been over-indulging of late.

The Capital writer recently admitted to followers on Twitter that he had consumed what could only be described as an unhealthy amount of the amber nectar, writing: “I drank so much whisky last night that I entered a zen-like state and ‘became’ whisky.”

Talk of the Town was not alone in worrying about the after effects, as Rankin tweeted; “How drunk was I when I ordered Carousel, the St Trinian’s remake and Spaceballs from LoveFilm?”

I’ve got summit to ask you

IT is one of the Capital’s most striking locations – and Arthur’s Seat is also a hotspot for romance.

A poll ahead of Valentine’s Day ranks it among the top ten love spots in the UK, and the best place in Edinburgh to propose.

The poll, by Publishers Clearing House, did not reveal whether this was down to the stirring views, secluded locations or simply the lack of an easy escape route.