Talk of the Town: Watch out Kirsten, Danny is trending

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GARRY O’Connor may have missed out on the Scotland squad, but Leithers can still cheer on one of their own in the shape of Dundee United star Danny Swanson, a born and bred Hibbie.

Getting his first call-up for his country must have been a thrill for Danny and his family, but it wasn’t the midfielder’s only notable achievement last week. The devoted tweeter will no doubt be proud of the fact that news of his call-up saw him trending on the social media network Twitter.

He appeared briefly on the site’s constantly updated list of the ten most used names and phrases by its millions of users across the UK – just below Hollywood star Kirsten Dunst.

What a lot of old waffles

WE were excited to receive a tip-off recently that crowds of photographers had gathered outside Peter’s Yard on Middle Meadow Walk.

Our reporter duly called the cafe to find out what the scoop was, and found a rather bemused staff member on the other end of the phone. “Tonight?” she asked. We waited with bated breath. “Tonight . . . it’s the Scandinavian Society’s Waffle Night.”

We still can’t decide whether to be disappointed or delighted.

Fans keep the faith

IT has long been claimed that the only football team mentioned in the Bible are from Dumfries with Matthew 12:42 stating “The Queen of the South will rise at the judgment . . .”

But word reaches us of the funeral of a Jambo in Edinburgh recently where the deceased’s family colluded with the ministry to come up with an an appropriate reading from the book of John beginning: “Let not your heart(s) be troubled . . .”

The priest who conducted the service is now scouring scriptures for something similarly apposite for a Hibbie funeral.

Bringing up Baby

SHE is certainly the cat that got the cream. And her owners’ devotion to moggy-coddling has earned them a £1000 jewel – with the chance to scoop a prize worth £20,000.

Pampered pet Baby has won Lauren Hill and John Truesdale, from Granton, a whopping four figures in a competition to find the UK’s most doting owners. The duo are content to do without if it means the best for Baby - tucking into beans on toast while Baby gets a can of prime tuna and even assigning her a bedroom and bathroom of her own.

All this whim-tending could now land them a £20,000 diamond pendant in the Gourmet Five Star Feline competition . . . which should have them both purring like cats.