Talk of the Town : We’re sensing a loss. . of credibility

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SOMETIMES there’s just no need for either the big build-up or the punchline.

East Lothian Councillor Stuart Currie took to Twitter yesterday to reveal he’d heard that Haddington Bowling Club had to cancel its planned psychic night . . . wait for it . . . “due to unforseen circumstances”.

Hands up who saw that one coming.

Taking the mick while taking the mic is risky

FOR theatre groups struggling to find inspiration, there is always the parody to fall back on.

That’s exactly what audiences at Wild West End will get at the Pleasance Dome during the Fringe in August.

It tells the story of a struggling musical theatre writer who discovers the industry isn’t as glamorous as he thought it would be.

Andrew Doyle, who won the 2010 Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year award, and East Midlands funnyman Ed Clarke penned the lyrics for the show.

A show spokesman said: “This is musical theatre alchemy at its finest – from Les Miserables to The Phantom of the Opera, no song is safe.”

But featuring “stars” from Channel 5’s reality show Musicality, if anyone should be taking the mick, it probably shouldn’t be them.

Vive la différence

EDINBURGH-BASED peer and former Lothians Labour MSP George Foulkes escaped the four-day Jubilee jamboree by going to France.

He told his Twitter followers: “No mention of Jubilee here where 83 per cent turned out to elect Head of State last month. Vive la Republique.”

Hammering DIY dodgers

THE saying goes that if you want a job done well, then do it yourself.

But as every homeowner knows, that can often end not only in disaster, but with the reaching for the Yellow Pages.

Now a search is under way to find the biggest DIY dodger in Edinburgh.

Construction giant Tarmac has put £1000 of B&Q vouchers up for grabs to help a less-than-houseproud layabout finish off those irritating home improvement jobs.

Guy Maddock, head of marketing at Tarmac, said: “There really is no excuse now for not tackling all those unfinished home improvement tasks, so we want people to “dob in” all those DIY dodgers for the chance to win them a fantastic prize.”