Talk of the Town: Welcome to Narnia

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THE Capital has been blitzed by a blizzard of snow, which has brought out snowmen, snow hearts and delighted snow-ball throwing youngsters. One local resident enchanted by the winter wonderland even likened it to Narnia – tweeting “I’m off to look for Fauns”.

A bung in the oven

IT’S Burns Night on Friday, heralding the annual tradition of tucking into a fresh haggis.

While Edinburgh is home to the award-winning MacSween’s, there’s nothing quite like making your own . . . and online company Sous Chef has released a DIY haggis kit, including cooking string, pepper, pinhead oats and the most vital ingredient – an ox bung. This might be one instance where’s it’s better to buy ready prepared.

Holiday? What holiday?

Still recovering from the outbreak of the dreaded norovirus, it seems the city is now being hit with another infection – vacationitis.

Cases of the disease, according to a medical journal, are expected to peak today as the depression of “Blue Monday” takes effect. Vacationitis is caused by “not getting enough holidays” and warning signs include not using all your annual holiday entitlement, and “calling the office hourly whilst on holiday”. Talk of the Town fears it may be coming down with something . . .

Longer wait for a tide of Filth

IT’s the film the whole of the Capital is waiting for – but it looks like we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for the big-screen version of Irvine Welsh’s Filth.

Welsh has revealed that the movie, starring James McAvoy and Martin Compston, wasn’t going to be finished for a few months yet.

Writing on Twitter he said: “People asking about release date for Filth. Some way off as loads of business 
. . . to sort out. Can’t see it being earlier than Autumn.”

That would sadly rule out a preview at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, being held in June, although the author hinted that it might yet make it.

“Might do some summer festival screenings. No decisions made on what festivals to apply to screen at.”

Watch this space.