Talk of the Town: What odds you’ll be backing England?

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SCOTLAND might not be there, but that doesn’t mean this summer’s European Championships aren’t hitting football fans in the pocket.

One Capital punter, however, could be quids in . . . if the Auld Enemy go all the way.

Bookmaker Coral has taken a £9000 bet from an Edinburgh gambler backing England to lift the trophy at a meaty 9/1.

But, unlike most Scots, it’s not a case of “anyone but England” for the city’s bookies.

A win for new boss Roy Hodgson’s team and they’ll be dancing in the summer sun with most wagers looking beyond our nearest neighbours.

Still, a tasty win at 9/1 . . . that’d soften the blow of 2012 becoming the new 1966.

Haul Channel 4 up before the beaks for Pingu gaffe

THE humiliation suffered by the Lib Dems at Thursday’s city council election was completed when Professor Pongoo the penguin trumped them in the Pentlands.

But while the professor – real name Mike Ferrigan – clearly enjoys the lighter side of life, his mood soon turned as he tuned into TV coverage of the election results.

As his daughter Mairi revealed on Twitter: “Dad just phoned up Channel 4 and asked for a live apology for calling him Professor Pingu instead of Pongoo.”

We can only presume telly bosses told him to chill.

JK won’t feel the pinch

THE magic of Harry Potter refuses to go away.

It’s been revealed that the Pottermore e-book store sold £3 million worth of Potter stories in digital format in its first month.

Pottermore – a virtual home for the boy wizard’s faithful followers – also added five million new users in the first two weeks after its launch in mid-April.

Doesn’t it give a nice warm feeling inside that, just in case she was feeling the pinch, JK Rowling now has a wee bit extra pocket money to play with?

The life of Reilly

ALL of Great Britain might be gearing up for the Olympics, but for one Capital sportswoman, the games are of no concern.

That’s because Edinburgh’s Michelle Henderson’s mind is set on the World Agility Open Championships – for dogs.

The canine handler is part of an 11-strong Scottish team heading to Brussels for the competition later this month.

Her miniature poodle Reilly will be showing off his athleticism as Scotland go for gold.

Let’s hope Michelle’s chum is pure pedigree.