Talk of the Town: Who fans are left feeling a bit blue

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OUR story about Lothian and Borders Police selling off their “Tardis-like” blue boxes kicked off some debate amongst loyal Doctor Who followers.

A link to yesterday’s Evening News tale was posted on Facebook by the sci-fi show’s fans group, with followers split between those ringing up their bank managers to sort out a loan to others questioning the validity of the boxes being compared with the time transporter.

One upset Whovian said: “Shame on you for misrepresenting the items being sold in the auction.”

But just to be clear, in case there’s any chance our story failed to make the point, in the words of Facebooker Ally Kerr: “they’re not ACTUALLY a Tardis”.

Fry misses goal of getting home in time for kick-off

STEPHEN Fry’s excursion to Edinburgh has been sustaining this column for a good few days now.

Just as a reminder, should it be needed, the canny comic is in the Capital, filming the TV adaptation of the Ian Rankin novel Doors Open.

But last night his mind was on other things. A Norwich supporter, football is never far from Fry’s thoughts and he admitted on Twitter to getting twitchy as the shoot overran, causing him to miss the early stages of the Manchester derby.

More from Fry tomorrow . . . and the next day, probably.

Rangers ‘net’ a win

THE nation’s most famous Rangers may be getting hammered from all angles, but another group of them are earning nothing but praise.

They are BT’s Internet Rangers, children under the age of 16 who are making waves with silver surfers. Thanks to them, grannies and grandads across the land are linking up with the worldwide web.

Let’s just hope the keen kids pointed out the CD drive isn’t a cup holder.

A cheap dig at Scots

AS the stereotype goes, we Scots are a miserly bunch afraid to open our wallets lest the moths escape.

But a new survey suggests we’re not quite so keen to bag a bargain as all that.

Scots have been revealed as the worst hagglers in the UK. Only 26 per cent would have a go at doing a deal on home soil, although 60 per cent are happy to delve into the discount market on holiday.

The answer, according to, is “social shopping”, a concept that sees patrons earn savings from promoting products.

Amazing stuff, considering’s biz is social shopping. Hands up who saw that one coming?