Talk of the Town: You are not alone . . at the Gyle

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RECORDS show Edinburgh and the Lothians have been a long-established hotspot for UFO sightings . . . possibly owing to the beauty of our surroundings.

But ufologists now have another case to sink their teeth into after an unidentified object was spotted in the skies above the Capital last week.

The latest sighting took place in the west of the city, along South Gyle Broadway and next to Gyle public park.

TOTT wonders what could possibly have attracted visitors from outer space to that particular stretch of the Capital. Perhaps it was cruising the skies for a head-to-head race against one of our earth-build flying machines at nearby Edinburgh Airport.

The truth is out there and TOTT will remain ever vigilant in the hunt for these celestial beings.

What a load of pants

AS one of the world’s leading architects, it is no stranger to controversy: creating buildings which push the boundaries of design.

But Edinburgh-based RMJM has come under fire for creating a skyscraper in China resembling a pair of “giant underpants”.

Billed as the nation’s answer to the Arc de Triomphe, the 74-storey Gate of the East in Suzhou has already been met with ridicule.

“This should be called the Pants of the East, not the Gate of the East,” complained one user of China’s Twitter-like micro-blog Weibo. Perhaps after Holyrood – which RMJM part-designed – the Chinese authorities should have known what they were getting into.

A souper opportunity

IF your soup is one that makes family and friends sit up and take notice – for all the right reasons – then here’s your chance to take it to a wider audience.

Slow Food has decided to try something different at the Edinburgh Farmer’s Market next month and is handing its YouSoup stall – usually given over to a professional local chef – to amateurs who want to prove they have what it takes. The judgement will be left up to some of the Capitals most discerning critics – the shoppers!

All you have to do is put your masterpiece together in less than an hour using ingredients found at the market. Sound simple enough? E-mail your recipe to by Saturday to be in with a chance. Those with the three best recipes will battling it out on October 6.