Talk of the Town: Zoo after hours is peek time viewing

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EDINBURGH Zoo has been welcoming visitors after hours as part of a drive to open up the attraction.

However, the Captive Animals’ Protection Society hit out at London Zoo for a similar venture. The charity warned that “alcohol-fuelled parties” could lead to animals being hurt – specifically Tammy the anteater, who wanders the London crowds. Thankfully the Edinburgh crowd’s biggest concern is getting a peek at the pandas after dark.

Throwaway threads

EVERYONE wants to look their best on holiday – but it seems even in these cash-strapped times Capital residents are throwing away good money on getaway garments, with a new survey revealing on average they spend £74 on “unworn and

unwearable” clothes.

There’s no fries on us Scots (honest)

US stand-up Judah Friedlander, best known on our shores as Frank Rossitano in hit US comedy 30 Rock, was determined to fully immerse himself in our culture while playing The Stand in Edinburgh, tweeting to his 346,000 followers: “I’m in Edinburgh, Scotland. Anyone know where there’s an authentic Scottish Burger King?” He followed up with: “Attention Tourists: If u want to see beautiful buildings which are hundreds of years old surrounded by KFC, go to Europe.”

Applause for a plod

TOP community outreach tweeter so far in the new era of Police Scotland is @EdinWestPolice, which has put out the following: “Boy/girl racers in South Queensferry. Got an exhaust like a drainpipe and stuck in first gear? We’ll chat with you and your insurance!”