There’s only one good reason to use real fur and it’s not on the hood of your parka! – Hayley Matthews

Saturday, 18th January 2020, 6:00 am
Wearing real fur might have been acceptable for these models for Smalls of Princes Street in the 1960s – but it’s not now

I’m known for being quite outspoken and at times can find it hard to hold my tongue if someone’s done me a wrong’un or been naughty and left me unhappy about it.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not perfect. However, I will speak up if I think something could have been done with less harm being done to others or if I think something isn’t right.

I don’t just go bumping my gums for anything, it has to be something really close to my heart for the ranting to start, although not everyone is happy with my bolshiness – I have been known to make my eight-year-old cry when dishing out the tellings-off.

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Hayley Matthews: I can't keep my hair on when it comes to real fur

The last time was when sitting waiting on a child and parent space, I saw a woman in her 80s pull into the space that I was aiming for and yes, she had no kids in her car. I called her out and as my voice got louder my son started bawling in the front seat, as she told me how she’d call the police on me.

Stolen pets

The woman’s excuse was that she was picking her kids up from Primark but surely if they’re old enough to go out shopping on their own then she doesn’t need a parent and child space? Anyway, I called a this steaming pile of BS! And Harris was hysterical over my actions.

Joking aside, I have to be careful when the urge takes me to go full outburst, especially when Harris is with me. However, I couldn’t hold my peep during the week when seeing real fur being sold in a tartan gift shop in town.

I’ve watched enough videos on the fur industry over the last 30 years to know any fur item could be from any kind of animal be it cat, dog, rabbit, fox etc and whilst some people are fine with that, many are not.

In China where the fur industry is worth millions, many animals have been known to have been wearing collars when taken to fur farms and it’s a well known fact that pets have been stolen for their pelts. A very sad situation. I’m sure many would freak should they be buying a real fur item thinking it was faux.

Old fur for injured wildlife

I decided to go in and make a point that they should be making it crystal clear that they are selling real fur. The assistant in the shop seemed confused about why I was so upset so I demanded she tell the manager that they had real fur on display.

Harris seemed OK with me speaking up this time and was curious about it. I explained how wearing real fur is a very cruel action and many people don’t agree with it, and also it’s probably been very cruelly removed from the poor animal that it belonged to.

I see real fur everywhere just now and I bet half those wearing it have no idea that they have half a coyote on the hood of their parka.

The only good use I’ve seen real fur being used for recently is by Snuggle Coats, an Australian charity that take donations of old fur items and give them to injured or orphaned wildlife so they can be comfortable. Possibly the only legitimate reason I can think of for using real fur.

So again people I urge you, if you’re a lover of cats, dogs, rabbits or any sentient being that comes in the form of a fluff ball – for goodness sake check your fluffy garments and steer clear of the cheap tacky gift shops up the town selling hats with real fur pompoms. You never know – it may have once been someone’s pet in a town far far away.