‘This is a clear message to the naysayers’

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THE news that Edinburgh and the Lothians are to host three of 14 new Scottish enterprise zones is more than just a boost for local investment prospects and jobs.

It’s also a clear message that – whatever some naysayers may think – this city and this region are between them the main driving force behind the national economy.

Edinburgh’s BioQuarter, Midlothian’s Biocampus and the Port of Leith have all been earmarked as priority areas for attracting inward investment.

Ministers hope firms based there, and in other key sites across Scotland, will be the magnets that attract the cash that will pay for expansion and fund more employment.

Assistance on offer is expected to include better broadband, and it is little surprise that technology is key as these particular areas look to the future.

The BioQuarter and Biocampus are part of the Life Sciences Enterprise grouping identified by the Scottish Government, while the Port of Leith is in the Low Carbon Renewables East Enterprise Area.

The combination of science and business on offer in both these sectors is clearly seen as providing the successors to more traditional industries as we look ahead to Scotland in the 21st century and beyond.

That the Capital has two areas included in the new scheme is especially notable given the negativity of some commentators, including some who live here and really should know better.

One Edinburgh-based commentator used a Glasgow newspaper to suggest yesterday that our city had declined so far that the Capital should be moved 45 miles to the West. With friends like that, Edinburgh doesn’t need enemies . . .

Fortunately, wiser heads clearly see the need to help Scotland’s true Capital continue to lead the way forward for Scotland as a whole.

Community gem

readers were shocked by the News’ article yesterday which revealed the cowardly attack on Evelyn Crawford.

Aged 75, Evelyn was left for dead by a mugger as the church elder visited another parishioner who was housebound.

As we report today, the woman named Drylaw Citizen of the Year for her help for others was typically unconcerned by her own predicament as she recovered in hospital yesterday.

Evelyn deserves great respect for all she has done in the community and for her stoicism in the aftermath of the attack on her. We wish her a speedy and full recovery.