This is a real sticky situation

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John Gibson: This is a real sticky situation

She’s saying: “The stuff my grandmother made and the stuff that goes into the Cornish cream tea is the jam that we know, and if things start coming on to the market it will allow changes to be made.”

Worried that the Government’s revisions of the Jam and Similar Products (England) Act will see us swamped with cheap imitations from abroad, she’s campaigning to preserve our preserves, saying fruit spreads marketed as jam “taste like mud”. American jam is totally different, the colours are a lot muddier and their jam, much more butter and purees, doesn’t last as long.

This much I know – cupcakes will never replace the jeely piece.

Vivid portrait

It’s her debut book and it has that distinct labour-of-love feel to it. No way will James Cadenhead RSA 1858-1927, Alison Mowat’s work, mingle with the bestsellers but she can claim to have made the Scottish landscape and portrait painter a young man of letters – letters to his mother – an absorbing read. Painstakingly transcribed and edited by Alison, above.

She’s a blood relative of the Cadenheads.

I’d say to Alison’s husband, a former director of Scottish & Newcastle Brewers at Holyrood, Alastair Mowat, he can be proud of her. And when does she follow up with a biog of him? Loads of meaty material there. I can provide pictures.