Time for an Indy break for us all

Nicola Sturgeon has 'reset' her IndyRef2 timetable
Nicola Sturgeon has 'reset' her IndyRef2 timetable
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IT was inevitable that any pronouncement from Nicola Sturgeon on IndyRef2 would spark another political rammy.

Her “resetting” of the timetable for another Referendum - with plans shelved until next autumn at the earliest - was never going to please everyone. Some will feel that the prospect of another poll is still uncomfortably close and should have been kicked far further into the long grass. Others will be frustrated by the promise to hold back when we are still completely in the dark about what Brexit might mean for Scotland and the rest of the UK.

A sober view of the situation suggests the First Minister has taken a perfectly reasonable stance. It is clear that the majority of the population, including many on the Yes side, would welcome some form of break from the seemingly endless independence debate. Our various reports today on the strains being felt by the National Health Service in the Lothians are a timely reminder of the other priorities that all sides will recognise.

Yet, in the event of a calamitous Brexit deal, it is right that the option of IndyRef2 remains open.

For the next year or so, though, hopefully the independence rhetoric will be ditched - by all parties.