Waverley station change is worth a look – Kezia Dugdale

Plans for the future of Waverley Station are steaming ahead this week and commuters, residents and tourists will all be able to glimpse proposals for the future of the station at Network Rail and City of Edinburgh Council’s exhibition in the station.

By Kezia Dugdale
Tuesday, 26th March 2019, 5:00 am
Waverley Station is expected to be handling around 49 million passengers every year by 2048
Waverley Station is expected to be handling around 49 million passengers every year by 2048

The consultation comes as Network Rail and partners progress the masterplan for Scotland’s second busiest station, so that it is fit for purpose into the next few decades.

Currently, the station handles 23 millon passengers each year, with this figure expected to rise to around 49 million every year by 2048.

The masterplan for the station is ambitious and some of the design options available would be truly revolutionary.

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There are plans for the potential creation of a lift or access route, directly from the station to North Bridge which could dramatically improve arrivals and onward travel from the station.

There are discussions around a radically redesigned station arrival experience at Waverley Bridge that could create an entirely new and welcoming gateway to the city, showcasing the best of Edinburgh from the minute you step off the train with views of Edinburgh Castle, the Scott Monument and Princes Street Gardens.

Many constituents have contacted me over the years to raise concerns over the current station arrival experience.

Presently 44 per cent of passengers leave the station via Waverley Steps, an often-unpleasant experience for commuters at rush hour, and challenging for tourists with heavy bags. Disabled passengers also struggle at the station and making it more accessible will be at the core of any improvements. Visit the exhibit in the station this week or go online to have a look and have your say.

One million marchers shows desire for another vote after chaos of Brexit

An estimated one million people marched through the streets of London on Saturday demanding another Brexit vote following yet another chaotic week in Westminster.

As the deadlock in government and in the House of Commons continues, a public petition calling for Article 50 to be revoked and for the UK to remain in the European Union is now sitting at more than five million names, the biggest ever registered on the Parliament’s petitions page.

As the millions increasingly voice their anger and frustration at the Brexit debacle, a small number of Cabinet ministers have spent the weekend plotting a coup against Theresa May, seeking to replace her as Prime Minister and install a caretaker in her place to deliver Brexit.

This week may be the last roll of the dice for Theresa May. Parliament is set to hold a series of indicative votes tomorrow, non-binding votes that may show there is a majority for at least one option, which may be the PM’s deal, albeit with the proviso that a final public vote is held on whether to ratify or reject it. Last week, the 27 other EU countries agreed to give the UK some extra time to agree a Brexit deal and an orderly departure to avoid crashing out on March 29.

The new deadline is April 12 – however, if a public vote is secured we will need even more time. This might require Article 50 to be revoked. It’s going to be another rocky week in Westminster.