‘We are lucky to have such medical care’

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THERE are few times in our lives when we need help as much as we do when our children fall ill.

On those occasions, we are lucky to have medical care as good as any in the world right here on our doorstep at the Sick Kids hospital.

Its staff show amazing skill and incredible compassion every day as they deal with everything from life-threatening illness to bumps and bruises.

But no matter how good the medical care on offer, having a sick child in the family is always a stressful time.

On that count we are doubly lucky to also have a fantastic army of fund-raising volunteers led by the brilliant Sick Kids Friends Foundation.

The £18 million which the SKFF has raised over the last 20 years has helped transform the hospital experience of up to two million young people and their families.

The extra specialist support staff and new technology that has paid for can take away much of the pain and stress they have to go through.

The Evening News is proud to be once again joining forces with the SKFF as it celebrates its 20th birthday. We hope you will join us in wishing them many happy returns and offering your support too.

Tram optimism is due

Updates on Edinburgh’s tram project are rarely good news. This is the project that began life with a budget of £545 million for a route between Edinburgh Airport and Newhaven, and is now costing £776 million for the completion of a shorter line which will terminate at York Place.

So, in the scale of Capital tram nightmares, today’s progress report was pretty benign. We learned that almost half of the £34 million contingency fund has been spent in recent months to deal with more unexpected utility works.

However, the summer 2014 opening date remains on track and costs are not expected to rise further. Around £100 million of the budget still remains.

Significantly, test runs between the airport and city centre could begin in January 2014.

Extreme winter weather could still cause a delay in the speed of work but it is clear that all of the major problems between the council and contractors have been overcome and the project is edging towards 

There have been rows, mismanagement, overspending and heartache. But now is the time for the city to begin to look forward to its shiny new transport system. We have paid for it, after all.