‘We must get situation under control’

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THE news of more confirmed cases in the Legionnaires’ outbreak is deeply worrying for everyone in Edinburgh, especially those in the communities affected.

A family is today mourning the loss of one of the victims of the disease, while relatives of dozens more confirmed and suspected cases wait anxiously for news.

Today we report warnings that the number of cases is likely to rise before it gets better, and the feeling of uncertainty is deepened by the fact that no source of the outbreak has yet been identified.

The public should be reassured by NHS advice that household water supplies are safe and that Legionnaires’ cannot be contracted by drinking water. The condition is not contagious and cannot be spread directly from person to person.

Those most at risk are older people, particularly men, heavy smokers and those with other health conditions.

Those showing any symptoms should get checked out as soon as possible. See the advice panel on page six for more information.

We are assured everything which can be done is being done as the authorities investigate and hopefully the source will be pinpointed soon.

Of course there must be a full inquiry into the circumstances which led to this outbreak and additional procedures put in place to ensure that it cannot happen again.

But the time for that is later and at the moment all efforts must be focused on bringing the situation swiftly under control.

Thirteen men and two women aged between 33 and 74 are fighting for their lives in hospital today. Our thoughts are with them all.

We’re flicking fans

If only real life was like Subbuteo. Our story today reports how Scotland has made it to the World Cup finals for the first time in a decade.

As we languish down the real world rankings, our perfect cousins in table football are showing the way forward. Wages have been kept at a low level, no late night drinking among the plastic players has been reported and none has refused to play for their country because of a dispute with the manager.

Indeed, so well-engineered are Scotland’s Subbuteo team that even if they wanted to stick two fingers up to the media they wouldn’t be able to do this. Well, not without breaking a plastic arm.

Until Craig Levein’s side show the same qualities as our flick and kick friends perhaps we should transfer our sporting loyalty. There is less scope for disappointment!