Welcome show of police force

Chief Superintendent Kenny MacDonald. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Chief Superintendent Kenny MacDonald. Picture: Ian Georgeson
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THe attacks that have taken place on police officers on patrol in the Capital in recent days are appalling.

The city’s police chief is quite right when he says that these assaults - with rocks being hurled at patrol cars - are an attack on the whole community. No one can feel safe when a handful of brazen thugs feel free to steal motorbikes and throw lumps of concrete at the police who try to stop them.

These officers are putting themselves on the line to protect us. They deserve our thanks, but most of all they deserve our support. Anyone who knows anything that can help put some of this small hardcore of offenders - and we should not forget that it is a small number of them - behind bars should not hesitate to call the police.

It is easy to understand why some residents feel there has not been a big enough police presence on the estates.

The show of force in recent days is the perfect response. The presence of 50-plus officers will bring some relief to those who have to live with the daily danger of stolen motorbikes speeding past their homes.

What they really need is those responsible taken off the streets. Let’s hope that happens over the coming days - and, if not, the extra officers keep returning until they do.