Why Adam McVey’s crowing about SNP by-election win was low key – John McLellan

To the victor the spoils, so you’d expect council leader Adam McVey to crow about the SNP win in last week’s Leith Walk by-election.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 18th April 2019, 6:00 am
Council leader Adam McVey's response the the SNP's by-election was low-key. Picture: Ian Georgeson

But apart from contractual-obligation Tory-bashing, Cllr McVey’s article in this week’s Evening News was relatively low-key, which with a pitifully low turn-out in the SNP’s backyard and over 1,000 fewer votes than the 2017 elections was probably wise.

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SNP candidate Rob Munn victorious in Leith Walk by-election

Being such a good comrade, Cllr McVey had nothing to say about the dreadful Labour performance in Leith Walk, with vote share halved from 33.2 in 2012 to 15.5 last week. He still needs Labour support in the Chambers, but Labour activists who are demanding the end of the coalition must be wondering what it will take.

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The Tories might be the enemy in England, but in Scotland the SNP continues to eat Labour’s lunch.

Planning for heated debate

Next Wednesday is a big day for Edinburgh Council planners, with a raft of important applications due before the development management sub-committee.

On the agenda is a housing plan for the Art Deco cinema at Great Junction Street, a plan for flats and a hotel at Granton Harbour, a housing and commercial scheme at Ocean Drive, and a mountain bike centre for the old Lothianburn Golf Cub at Hillend. There is also a proposal for a concert hall between the fast-rising new St James centre and Dundas House on St Andrew Square. Should be some interesting discussions.