Worbey and Farrell: Nothing beats August madness

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A few years after graduating from music college and a chance meeting led to us form our music act, creatively called Worbey & Farrell (as those are indeed our names), we realised that we needed a place to call home.

We wanted a city that wasn’t too big, yet could provide all the culture we might want, with a good selection of restaurants and bars.

As we spend so much of our lives touring around the world, the exact location wasn’t too much of a problem, as long as there was a spare bedroom for guests and a garden for Lady Margaret, our beloved Yorkshire Terrier.

And yes, you’ve guessed – we ended up in Edinburgh where all the boxes were ticked, and there was even a hot tub in the garden. Of course, that spare room is used a lot – who wouldn’t want to come and visit us in this beautiful city – but as of this week the sofa and various bits of carpet will also be also be fully occupied, not to mention the enormous three-bedroom tent we install annually in our garden. We aren’t the only people who love the Edinburgh Fringe.

For many Festival fans the cost of accommodation can put them off planning a lengthy stay. Tickets aren’t nearly as cheap as they used to be and those lovely restaurant deals disappear. However, if you know someone in Edinburgh it’s funny how forgoing a bit of comfort suddenly isn’t an issue. Have sleeping bag, will save lots of wonga. But we don’t mind, August is a month of madness which we believe everyone should enjoy. We’ve already got a list of the shows we think our guests should see – such as Simon Anstell, Avenue Q, Keeping up with the Joans at the Pleasance Courtyard and the Orchestra of Wit from Poland.

Last year we played 16 sell-out shows and made a grand profit of £18. Common sense would tell us to do what so many others do – rent out our house and have a holiday in the sun. But that really wouldn’t be half as much fun. Rehab beckons!

• Worbey & Farrell Concerto Without Orchestra will be at the Assembly Rooms from July 31 to August 24 at 4.20pm. www.arfringe.com