Worrying for Edinburgh’s welfare?

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“It’s a hard decision to make, where to get married, because it would be a big effort. I just hope it helps boost Edinburgh a bit, with the economy, getting some people in.”

Rugby stalwart and groom-to-be at the Canongate Kirk Mike Tindall talking.

He looks a bit brutish, I dare say, but from what he is saying, he’s a pussycat at heart.

Nice to know he has Edinburgh’s welfare at heart. Now I’ll try to be in the crowd with confetti.

Art to fathom

Not everybody’s cup of char, Tracey Emin. But she does get off her butt often enough to grab a spread in the papers.

She wasn’t long back from breast reduction surgery in the States – they were getting in the way – when she said: “Once you’ve reached my age (47) I don’t think men look at you sexually at all.’’

The urge is to say to Trace, just get on with it, and here’s how she’s coping: “When I think I’m really on my own, and no-one loves me, art comes along and says I love you, I’ll look after you. I like it when it picks me up, so I don’t feel on my own.’’

Sinking without Trace?

Whistle for it

Old grey whistle test. Were they confusing siffleur with whistler? I thought it was a mis-spelling at first, when they listed Ronnie Ronalde as “siffleur” in the birthday listings on Wednesday.

A delve into the dictionary tells me that a siffleur is a person who entertains professionally by whistling. They’d got Ronnie in one, by God!

You hadn’t lived until you’d heard Ronnie whistle. He made millions at it in the UK’s variety theatres. He’s 88. Makes you whistle through your false teeth.