Paedophile avoids jail after breaching order

William Dunsmore was jailed for raping Dana Fowley when she was a child. Picture: contributed
William Dunsmore was jailed for raping Dana Fowley when she was a child. Picture: contributed
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A PAEDOPHILE pensioner has escaped a return to prison after being caught buying alcohol in breach of a court order designed to stop him re-offending.

William Dunsmore was fined £240 for violating the terms of his sexual offences prevention order (Sopo) in a move which came under fire today.

The 76-year-old’s arrest for raping a child led to one of Edinburgh’s worst paedophile rings being uncovered, where his two grandchildren, Dana and Heather Fowley, were the victims.

Dana Fowley today condemned the decision to let Dunsmore avoid prison despite flouting his Sopo – an order given to the most dangerous offenders.

Dunsmore, who now lives in Dalkeith, Midlothian, was caught purchasing alcohol. His Sopo bans him from buying it.

The elderly pervert admitted the charge at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Thursday, but was let off with a fine to be paid at £10 a week.

After being released from prison in 2009, Dunsmore lived in a cottage on the outskirts of Bonnyrigg.

Sopos can impose strict limits on an offender’s movements and whom they can contact. As well as an alcohol ban, Dunsmore’s Sopo is believed to ban him from approaching any children.

Speaking about her grandfather, Ms Fowley said: “If these orders are supposed to deter re-offending then there needs to be proper consequences for breaking them.

“Alcohol makes him more aggressive. Obviously when you’re drinking your mind is not as stable so the police have a very good reason to ban him from alcohol. If people with these orders only face a fine then it won’t change their behaviour. Who is to say next time he won’t break the order by approaching a child?”

The pensioner’s daughter, Caroline Dunsmore, allowed Ms Fowley and her sister to be raped as children by up to 15 men over a decade. A court heard that William Dunsmore raped his daughter from the age of six before she started her own life of abuse.

Widower Dunsmore was found guilty in April 2006 of rape and other sexual assaults against a girl in Muirhouse and Blackridge, West Lothian in the late 1980s and 1990s, starting when she was seven.

Scottish Conservative Chief Whip John Lamont MSP said: “It is no wonder that Dunsmore’s victims are angry that he is not back behind bars. I only hope that after being fined, he has got the message that he cannot get away with breaking any of the restrictions placed on him. The real travesty is that this vile individual served less than three-and-a-half years of a five-year 

A total of 68 Sopos were in force in Lothian and Borders in March last year.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “These orders are a deterrent to some offenders, whilst giving police greater powers to promptly arrest any offenders who breach or attempt to breach an order.”